• Removal of food contaminants
  • Reduction of microbial contamination
  • Removal of material residue buildup

Industrial silos are used to store a great variety of materials, from food products to concrete mixture to roofing chemicals. Depending on the products being stored, silos need to be cleaned out periodically by using silo cleaning services.

Food storage receptacles, such as flour silos, need routine maintenance. Certain species of beetles thrive on grain and seed products and will invade and contaminate flour silos readily if such silos are not cleaned with regularity. Additionally, periodic cleaning removes old food product, thus reducing the spread of microbial contamination into a freshly filled silo.

Another problem with silos, whether filled with food product or some other materials, is the buildup of residue on the interior. This ultimately reduces the volume of fresh product the silo will hold and may eventually make the silo unusable until the residue is removed.

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