In some instances, odors develop in the air handler or ducts due to the particulate build up. In other cases, dirt may begin blowing out of the registers. Duct cleaning addresses this.

Another concern is the build up of mold or bacteria inside an air conditioning unit. Such microbial growth is rare in home systems, but can occur where moisture is present. Homes in humid climates or near bodies of water are particularly susceptible. Duct cleaning removes such growth and approved disinfectants can be used by a reputable duct cleaning company to retard or eliminate microbial contamination.

NOTE: “Streaking” around the registers is not necessarily a sign of dirty duct work. This is the normal effect of air blowing or swirling across a surface continuously. Residential heating and cooling systems collect dirt. However, streaking may give you an idea of what particulate is settling in your duct work.  Black “sooty” streaks usually come from vehicle exhaust, whereas whitish or light gray powdery, dust-like streaking is commonly from dander (skin flakes).

Having a home heating system cleaned every three to five years will prevent the continuous build up of dirt and other particulate in the unit and duct work.

We price home duct cleaning according to the number of registers in the residence. Since 1978, Action Duct Cleaning has been recognized for their residential duct expertise. For further information or a free estimate get a quote now.